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What Is Reflexology

Written By Desak Putu on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 | 6:43 AM

Reflection area is the focal point of uric loaded. each point corresponds to a particular organ. The area is actually a reflection on the rest of the body was there, but now we are talking about the reflections contained in the foot.

Massage the area could reflect circulation of blood circulation in the person concerned. When asked why this is so, it is difficult to answer because it is a traditional way of treatment, but can be felt in the real usefulness. eg massage the toes on hand middle finger will feel the heat. it proves that the area of ​​reflection in the middle finger of his middle finger foot
when people obey the will of nature, walking on the ground barefoot, then the reflection area near the foot will be exposed to "massage" so moved functions.

But after changing the human condition, man is no longer running on a rough and rocky road with bare feet, but walking on a smooth path using the shoe. Eventually human feet fettered by boots, so that impaired blood circulation and feet become cold. worse, the reflection area at the foot of a confined, so it does not work at all.

Importance Of Blood Circulation

Every organ of the body requires the blood to carry out normal functions. because blood brings essential nutrients, such as oxygen, hormones, antibiotics and other more. in addition it can also take blood impurities. Then the diseased organ requires a smooth blood circulation to help cure the disease. more smoothly blood was getting better.

Symptoms that are known from the Reflections

As we discussed earlier in the beginning, that the function of blood is to deliver all chemicals, oxygen and nutrients needed by the body, and get rid of carbon dioxide and other waste products. if the blood circulation is not smooth, then the organ will be hampered get food and waste material will be late in the exhaust. over time the dirt that settles in the blood vessels, so that the corresponding organ function impaired by the lack of blood and food, there was a disease.
For an experienced masseuse, simply by touching the foot of the disease which can be known. Because the reflection area can feel pain when touched any kind of sand, which means in the blood vessels there is sewage sludge.
In addition, massage the area with local reflection, the pain, there is a sign of the corresponding organ disease.
By way of massaging the area of reflection, stimulate blood circulation means that will bring food to the organ and carry away dirt.

How to massage

  • Take a position and willing to sit back
  • Wear oil for skin abrasions when massaged
  • When massaged, the more pain the better. But this depends on the patient endurance. Because each person is different durability. Recommend that the patient wanted to keep his illness. However, if the person is in pain until pale face, the pain goes beyond endurance. needs to be rested for a while.
  • Area located at the foot of reflection, how his massage from the bottom up. and tyang located around the calf, massaging leads to the heart. This according to him all of the blood flow.
  • For young people, have a massage a few times already healed. but for parents, it usually requires more time to recover.
There are two ways to massage their own

  1. With fingers massaging the area of reflection. or use a small stick to massage her head round
  2. By stepping hard objects and round, like a stone. This can be made alone, with stepping stones various sizes, so that he could do something.
Kneading sequence
When a sudden illness, such as heart illness relapsed, or sudden head pain. Be directly massaged reflection region.
  • If an accident or after surgery, immediately massaged reflection region. In order to facilitate the circulation of the blood, can quickly help the healing of wounds
  • Ulcers are difficult to heal, or wounds that ooze pus. Massage reflection area.
  • Every change of weather, the scar is usually easily become sick. massage the area of ​​reflection, so that the blood circulating smoothly
When in normal circumstances, this is the order of his massage :
  • Kidney                : Massage the reflection area, as well as the urethra, bladder, so that feces can dispose smoothly                                               
  • Head                   : Head is the center of all organs
  • Digestion            : Including the stomach, intestines, liver and pancreas. In order to expedite the metabolism, giving food to the organ organ.
  • The gland            : In order to take away all the dirt from the body
Duration to do Massage

Each region of reflection should be massaged for 5 minutes, when ill, much longer 10 minutes.
My advice, every day massaging the whole area of reflection for 30 minutes, can help your health. For example the adrenal gland, kidney, ureter, bladder each 5 minutes, the head and neck of each 3-minute, three areas of reflection each 2 minutes, and the sensitive reflection each 1 to 2 minutes. so overall massage takes 30 minutes

Notice Shoes That You Wear

When buying shoes, do not select shoes that fit your feet and pressing. Do not sacrifice your feet because of the beauty of the shoe. particularly pointy-headed shoes. Wear loose shoes. for shoes that pressing it will result in diseases such as nasal, head, neck, eyes, ears, shoulders, balance (in the ear), chest, breasts, glands, thyroid gland, lung, bronchus

When massaging the affected organ massage stimulation, may cause a reaction. But not to worry. Usually the reaction is quickly lost. continue kneading.

Diseases that easily cured

According to experience, it is diseases that is below easily cured: bed-wetting, muscle spasms, joint infection, headache, colds / flu, hemorrhoids, heart disease, and other diseases that are not known by doctors.

The disease with no cure

There are several kinds of diseases that can not be cured through massage is like:

  1. Nerves die, due to an accident or had a stroke, so that the damaged nerves, no more no reaction when massaged.
  2. Eating too many drugs, so the nerves are resistant to massage.
  3. Cancer was too late to be treated.
  4. For soccer players kick the ball too hard, so feeling a dull pain in the leg. This can not be cured by massaging.
  • For people with serious: heart, urine sugar, liver cancer. His massage not loud. Each reflection massaged area no more than 2 minutes
  • In contrast, for patients with bone needs to be massaged a new hard can succeed.
  • During the massage, can sometimes arise in the body blackish or becomes ill, this is a good symptom, forward (especially patients with infection and arthritis).
  • During the massage, first stop drugs from the pharmacy. Because these drugs will inhibit healing. With the exception of patients with cardiac and urinary sugar, drugs are still needed.
  • Within an hour after a meal should not rub.
  • Finish the massage, drink 2-3 glasses of water (at least 500 cc). So that the dirt in the body easily wasted. For people with kidney disease, do not take more than 150 cc.
  • Regional lymph reflection should not be massaged too hard. In order not to cause other reactions
  • Finish kneading do not immediately wash your hands. In order to maintain the health of yourself.
  • Also a massage when the body feels uncomfortable, do not rub. Because massage is spending a lot of energy and therefore susceptible to the disease
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